Donald R. Morrison (ed.) – The Cambridge Companion to Socrates

The Cambridge Companion to Socrates

D. Morrison (ed.) – The Cambridge Companion to Socrates

Cambridge-New York, CUP, 2010 (xx – 414 p.)

1. L-A. Dorion, The Rise and Fall of the Socratic Problem

2. K. Döring, The Students of Socrates

3. D.K. O’Connor, Xenophon and the Enviable Life of Socrates

4. D. Konstan, Socrates in Aristophanes’ Clouds

5. P. Woodruff, Socrates and the New Learning

6. M.L. McPherran, Socratic Religion

7. J. Ober, Socrates and Democratic Athens

8. H.H. Benson, Socratic Method

9. C. Rowe, Self-Examination

10. R. Bett, Socratic Ignorance

11. M. Lane, Reconsidering Socratic Irony

12. T. Penner, Socratic Ethics and the Socratic Psychology of Action: A Philosophical Framework

13. C. Bobonich, Socrates and Eudaimonia

14. C.L. Griswold, Socrates’ Political Philosophy

15. A.A. Long, Socrates in Later Greek Philosophy Socrates Bibliography